Frequently Ask Question

1. Where is Phirom Garden Residence located?
Phirom Garden Residence is located in the heart of Sukhumvit, on Soi 41, and is also accessible from Soi 39. See The Map for more details.

2. Why should I choose Phirom Garden Residence?
Phirom Garden Residence provides tenants with a comfortable and “Serene Family Lifestyle” in spacious luxurious homes with a natural environment.

3. What is your security policy?
Phirom Garden Residence has a tight security system in place for the comfort of all of our tenants. CCTV cameras are installed throughout the building and common area facilities. A key card entry system is in place for accessing the building after office hours. For added security, tenants ‘guest must check in with the receptionist first before being permitted to visit the tenant. Maids/nannies and driver all have to exchange their ID card for a Phirom Garden Residence security pass. No employees of tenants are allowed to stay overnight except for live-in maids/nannies

4. What are the utility fees?
The electricity, water (charged per unit), telephone, cable and miscellaneous charges are not included in the rental fees and have to be paid separately on a monthly basis directly to Phirom Garden Residence.

5. Do you allow pets?
Unfortunately we do not allow pets at Phirom Garden Residence. We can however make exceptions which will have to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

6. Do you provide parking spaces?
Phirom Garden Residence provides one free unallocated parking space as part of the rental agreement. We also provide a bicycle parking area.

7. What kind of facilities do you have?
Phirom Garden Residence has a large swimming pool, gym, children’s playground, a big open garden area, a function room, tennis court and a half-size basketball court, all FREE OF CHARGE. See Facilities for more details.

8. Is there provision for holding parties?
Yes, Phirom Garden Residence tenants are known for hosting fun birthday parties for their children. We have a function room and a big playground where you can hold your own event. Party organizers are a big hit especially for birthdays. Social Night gatherings, Christmas Parties and Halloween parties have all been successfully held at Phirom Garden Residence.

9. What kinds of activities do you offer tenants?
The Bangkok Dolphins swimming school offers swimming classes at Phirom Garden Residence, every Friday for young children of all ages, if you wish to enroll your child. You can also hire a fitness instructor to train you in the gym, a tennis coach to train you at the tennis court or Yoga/Pilates lessons can even be held in our function room.